Our children’s ministry provides an atmosphere in which every child feels loved and valued.  With our teachings always geared toward the child’s age and comprehension level, we lay the foundation for having a genuine relationship with Christ.
We help the child grow in knowledge and understanding of that relationship through Bible training and simple practice of Christian principles. We offer many different Sunday School classes, which are geared to the grade and spiritual maturity of the children.

Jr. Church

        Toddlers          |       Pre-K                     |       1st Grade         |       3rd Grade       |       5th & 6th Grade boys
        Beginners       |       Kindergarten       |       2nd Grade       |       4th Grade       |       5th & 6th Grade girls                       
                                 Upstairs Jr. Church hallway                                             2nd Grade classroom                                       5th & 6th Grade classroom

Jr. High  (7th & 8th grade Boys & Girls)


                                   Jr. High classroom                                                                                                  Sr. High Classroom